B3 Data

B3 delivers our customers a comprehensive suite of data that is timely, reliable, curated, and actionable for immediate workflow integration. We leverage powerful, proprietary systems to collect, structure and clean data, eliminating the obstacles to useful, smart data. Our ready-to-deploy datasets span broad geographies for comprehensive access to insight at the water-land-energy nexus.

Studies show that companies who deploy a centralized data hub realize cost savings, improvements to business culture and better outcomes across departments and divisions.

B3 provides comprehensive, ready to use data at our customers’ fingertips. In addition to off the shelf data from hundreds of sources, we provide a comprehensive suite of data services that provide you access to our B3 data collection platform and analyst team to collect, analyze, and deliver precisely what you need.

B3 leverages proprietary, automated data collection and aggregation platforms, coupled with in-house data analytics experts to unlock the value of data for our customers. By digitizing data from various sources, some previously only available as paper record, B3 provides unique visibility and reporting capabilities to drive informed, strategic decisions.

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