2017 Year in Review

1/21/2018 | KELLY BENNETT

2017 Year in Review
Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett | Co-Founder & President | Bio

It’s hard to believe that we are already well into January 2018!  During our first all company meeting of 2018, the team shared some year end wins including some exciting new customer acquisitions, product developments, and an overview of important initiatives we are pursuing as jump into the new year.  I was impressed by how much road we covered in 2017 and excited to embark on our journey into 2018.  We have an outstanding team of talented individuals, collaborating daily to bring our work to fruition.  I am incredibly proud to work with the team and have confidence that 2018 is a year of pivotal opportunities for the company.

Let’s take a look at some 2017 highlights.

We launched Water Sage California on schedule, with a supporting marketing strategy and campaign. The launch marked our most complex, yet most efficient development project to date and we celebrated our fastest launch-to-first license sale yet.

Customers across various industries – We acquired several new customers across a broad spectrum of industries and geographies, from oil and gas to engineers and lawyers, irrigation districts, private equity funds, and more. We learned valuable lessons about selling an innovative product into a traditional, niche industry.

Data integration – We aggregated product feedback at breakneck speed, pushing the bounds of how many stakeholders understand the water data landscape. Water Sage produced the first integrated platform for the disparate California data of its kind. This process meant building more framework to wade through obscure, highly complex and very broken data and entailed a huge amount of product innovation that we can apply to our product framework across other data sets and regions.

Team growth -The composition of our team also expanded in 2017, with a focus on hiring resources with the experience and chops to take us to the next level. Nowhere in the company was this important as much as sales and marketing. It has been educational for me personally and exciting for our company to have a professional sales and marketing organization made up of professionals who are passionate, experienced, team players. In only a couple of months, we have completely re-written our sales and product management processes, down to implementing easier to understand pricing structures.

The year of evolution

2017 was a year of tremendous evolution. Changing team, product, new office location and overall strategy for the company. As we build on our momentum, we continue to expand the services we provide to more industries with our unique data- and user-focused approach to development.

When we build a new dataset, it always starts with the customer in mind. We engineer innovative ways for users to access and use data, based on how data is employed in their business applications. This entails a complex process that starts with understanding the data, building automated and scalable processes to acquire it, manipulating and cleaning it, and then developing a customer-facing framework to make it useful.

This year, we successfully integrated proprietary customer data in just hours. We had a working prototype that met requirements in hours, not days, and not weeks. For me, it was validation of our commitment to be data-agnostic and to ensure that our development framework is flexible for all data. Since then, we have produced prototypes for complex new data within days of acquiring it. We continue to see unapparelled efficiencies within our development and implementation processes.

Looking forward to 2018 and beyond

Since Water Sage was founded, and the platform was released in 2014, we’ve built software frameworks that are inherently flexible and deliver intuitive usability for complex data in one of the most complicated fields of natural resource data. It’s a different breed of business intelligence than one finds in conventional, user-configured systems. Water Sage is about much more than just water information and datasets: it’s about insight. And this brings us to today, and an outlook for a very exciting year ahead.

Over the next year, we will continue to grow our offering which means leveraging our framework as a solution in other industries. We recently launched a an oil and gas product that supports E&Ps, services providers and others to find solutions to challenges within the produced water lifecycle.  Water Sage can also now offer customers ingestion and integration services for their own data (i.e. field data, production information, forecasts, ect) and integrate with third party data from other vendors. We are rapidly breaking into broader industries and sharing the benefits of our software and data with organizations outside the realm of water.

It’s an incredibly exciting and dynamic time at the company and I’m lucky to have the support of an incredibly competent team. This year has kicked off at a sprint pace and I am quite certain that it will continue at this clip. In addition to our oil and gas product launch, we have several other products to announce on the horizon. Now that our customers are growing to include many who leverage our services for much more than just water, our brand must also reflect this growth… Stay tuned!