Water Sage Texas Has Arrived

5/5/2015 | KELLY BENNETT

Water Sage Texas Has Arrived
Kelly Bennett

Kelly Bennett | Co-Founder & President | Bio

Check out our Water Sage Texas page to learn more about the service. We are excited to release Texas in our new Version 2.0 platform, which gives you the ability to do detailed searches and analysis of land, water rights, wells, and the host of administrative regions in Texas that govern groundwater development.

Water Sage Texas is the first integrated platform to bring you detailed land, water right, and well data, all in one interface. Flexible search options like name, source, and area allow you to easily locate land and water data and gain huge insight into the local Groundwater Conservation District (GCD) rules that determine groundwater development.

Our Water Sage 2.0 web platform affords you the ability to search through all of our data sets individually, but work in a single map. What wells are located in your area? What kind of yeild do they produce and how deep are they? What GCD rules like well spacing requirements and production fees are wells in your area subject to? Who do you contact to get in touch with your local GCD? All of these questions are answered in a few mouse clicks in Water Sage Texas. Check out our informational video on the Water Sage Texas page to see the new system in action!