Water Rights & Land Platform

The largest integrated water and land information platform in the country.

We connect thousands of users to water rights, groundwater, streamflow, and land information in an intuitive, map-based research system. The platform makes deep knowledge accessible to the full spectrum of water stakeholders, from empowering basic research to enhancing professional workflows.

B3 Platform showing land parcels and gages

Key Platform Benefits

  • Intuitive, web-based geospatial platform to make responsible and profitable decisions

  • Disparate water rights and land ownership data all in one place

  • Smart-search, export, import capabilities and many more features

  • Save time and money and increase revenue
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Connecting Land Ownership and Water Use

The most comprehensive, integrated database for land parcels and water use, from water rights, to historical water wells. Instantly access and evaluate land parcel information in different counties through area searches, or by owner, site address, or parcel identification number.

Analytic Page

Integrated Geographic And Records Databases

With our water rights and land platform you can “clear the cache” and rely on just one website for on-the-fly mapping, document and records retrieval, and analysis. Integrated documents and records include decrees, water court resumes, well permits, diversion records, irrigation records, and more.

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When Customers Ask, We Innovate

Our users are diverse and that motivates us. Such a broad spectrum of stakeholders using our platform means that we have the privilege of engaging them to learn how we can take our platform capabilities to the next level. Our team is constantly adding new data and features, often directly based on customer feedback.

Platform Features


“Google-like” search functionality makes research easy, intelligent and efficient. Intuitive map element and spatial searches turn every component of your map into a powerful search tool to access diverse datasets.

Filter & Sort

B3 filters give you tools to pinpoint specific records in large search results. It’s the power of advanced database queries, with just the click of a mouse.

Export Data

Export Data

You can find, evaluate and save your work in B3, but it doesn’t end there. Produce on-the-fly work product for clients. Projects, records, documents, and geographic information are all exportable in PDF, Excel, CSV, KMZ and shapefile formats.

Import Data

Import Data

Import your own shapefiles into the OilfieldH20 Platform. B3 users can upload their own geospatial data and utilize it in B3’s platform, in conjunction with B3 data for better decision making.

Symbolization Tool

Symbolize, manage and customize visualization of datasets. Specify symbology of datasets by defining rules that control representations and labels. Enhance productivity and insight by allowing you to apply representations and label expressions to feature layers.

Map Creator

Create, customize and export maps to share geospatial data from the B3 platform. Maps can be download as a PDF and shared with others in presentations, privately with specific individuals, or printed for reports and projects.

Save & Share Projects

Create customized, self-updating dashboards and visualizations through Saved Projects. Share “Projects” across users, empowering cross-department collaboration. Improve organizational collaboration, resulting in efficient problem solving and better project outcomes.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage beautiful charting and reporting tools to access time series and summaries of broad data.

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