OilfieldH2O Insights

Oilfield water studies, reports and consulting delivered to you

B3 provides macro- and micro-level insights utilizing flexible and proprietary technical models. B3 data experts offer clients an unrivaled and independent understanding of the oilfield water landscape through various studies, reports and consulting projects.

Oil Pipeline Inspection

Permian Basin Water Outlook, a multiphase study produced by B3 in conjunction with Drillinginfo

In this multiphase study, B3 provides insight on frack water demand, produced water production, produced water injection, capacity of specific reservoirs to receive the forecast injection volumes, and an analysis of how the water management industry is structured today and in the future.


Permian Basin UIC Permit Intelligence Reports

Subscribe to B3's bi-weekly UIC permit reports that deliver current permit applications, trends in permitting, and status changes in permit applications across the Permian. These reports eliminate manual review of applications, and provide actionable intelligence for planning strategy, and regulatory and competitive analysis. Click on the button below to purchase this report through B3 partner Drillinginfo's online store.


Oilfield Water Consulting Services

B3 works with oil and gas clients on a variety of consulting projects. We bring a professional and dynamic approach to help the market make more responsible and profitable commercial water-related decisions.

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