Water Utilities

B3 provides water utilities with access to reliable data to minimize the time spent on foundational information. This enables our customers to spend more time focusing on the nuances of water resource management and water right strategic development. As a B3 user, water utilities can use this solution to provide tools to improve water utility operations, enhance customer services, and efficiently access vital water information.


  • Manage water rights portfolio and operations management - monitor reserves, flow, delivery, and more
  • Create efficiencies in the bidding process by having information at your fingertips (i.e. production constraints, water supply shortages, sensitive areas)
  • Access the best available land parcel data
  • Understand who owns land, and who’s grown what crops on it or leased it for another reason
  • Access water quality data that’s easier to work with and understand
  • Combine spatial search with data parameter search and filters to access what you need faster
  • Streamflow water monitoring alongside effluent data, for compliance


  • Increased productivity related to water resource development and management
  • Access to thousands of water rights data points on a single, real-time platform to monitor and protect the water supply
  • End-to end solution to provide cost effective, seamless, and transparent project planning and execution
  • Quickly and efficiently understand water uses, places of use and points of diversion
  • No longer rely on your busy GIS department to find the information you need
  • Use best available information to move projects along at a more rapid pace

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