Successful financial institutions understand local consumers' needs. Geographic variation in consumer and business behaviors and demands affect bank performance and client relationships. B3’s data and analytics reveal deeper insight into relationships and patterns, answer complex questions, and inform decisions.

B3 provides financial institutions with data and technology solutions that address business challenges such as productivity, trust-based and deepened client relationships. With B3, finance professionals can seamlessly access data needed for due diligence on secured loans, quickly get up to speed with new property (prospect, client, research, and more), lend more money with lower risk due to understanding the water associated with the land, and improve client deliverables with rich imagery, maps, data exports and much more. Banks can answer the questions customers have—and many they hadn't thought of.


  • Localized and fragmented datasets
  • Lack of market transparency
  • Inaccessible data leads to providing loans to clients with higher risk


  • Easily find water rights that were attached to clients’ land and add them to the mortgage and UCC/ CC1 filings
  • Hours of due diligence turned into minutes
  • Decrease risk and increase loan values - collateral value increase of ~20% in loans on properties
  • Trusted advisor, improved client retention


  • Access original documentation in minutes
  • Share land and water assets with clients via reporting and analytics
  • Prevent undervaluing land with complete picture of land / water assets
  • Use maps to discover new relationships, patterns and trends that traditional enterprise software fails to find


  • Decreased risk and increase loan values
  • Save significant time with access to the best land parcel and water data available
  • Improve client relationships with immediate answers to their questions
  • Identify new relational patterns and trends

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