About B3

B3 isn’t just about being different, it’s about being better. B3 delivers data-driven intelligence any user can understand (and use) critical to the bottom line of many organizations. B3 has redefined complex data with industry-leading collection approaches and data experts who understand, convert, clean, and enrich data. Through easy-to-use, intuitive technology, B3 enables non-technical and technical business users alike to manage, analyze and visualize growing datasets from a multitude of disparate data sources. By leveraging the most comprehensive data and relevant information, users can answer questions fast and with confidence. With decreased research and planning costs, and increased research and planning efficiencies, B3 contributes significant cost savings across an organization.

Founded by an energy market analytics company and a recognized leader in natural gas and oil with an expertise in power, demand and other energy segments, B3 continually seeks to innovate and evolve the way that complex data is turned into meaningful information.